Whats Going On?

2016-10-03 China Sishuan province Chengdu, Weiyang Lijiang and Dali.

2015-06-23 Back in Porto alegre Brazil.

2015-06-16 Sweden a couple of days.

2015-05-05 Arriving Porto Alegre Brazil.

2014-10-19 Back in Tunisia

2014-08-04 Arriving Nantong China.

2014-07-03 Back in Tunisia

2014-06-19 Leaving Tunis for vacation going to Paris France.

2014-02-26 Back in Tunisia

2014-01-16 Angola

2014-01-07 Tunisia

2013-12-17 Sweden Recovered from surgery now on the way to Angola.

2013-09-01 Amman Jordan.

2013-06-18 Sweden visiting family.

2013-06-09 Back in Doha, Qatar.

2013-06-06 Dubai, UAE.

2013-03-09 Back in Doha, Qatar.



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